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Paternity Test Definition: What You Need To Know
A paternity test is a scientific tool used to determine whether a particular man is the biological father of a child. This test is important in situations where a child's paternity is in question. It involves analyzing DNA samples to find matching genetic markers between the child and the alleged father. The results of a […]...
Different Types of Divorce
Kevin Jensen - June 7, 2024 - Divorce
Nobody enters into a marriage assuming they will get divorced. However, it does happen, and there are multiple reasons for divorce. As a result, there are multiple types of divorce and each type has its procedures, requirements, and potential challenges. Knowing what to expect can seriously impact how smoothly the process goes and influence the [&hell...
Factors Affecting Father's Custody Rights
When a father enters a custody battle, many factors are critical to the court's decision. Understanding these can be pivotal for fathers who are seeking primary custody, or joint legal custody, or physical custody of their children. The courts operate under the principle that the child's best interest is paramount. This guide will cover several [&hell...
How to Win a Custody Case
Winning a custody case is a significant challenge that requires a deep understanding of parental rights and responsibilities. This process is about proving you are a capable parent and demonstrating that you provide the best environment for your child. A child custody battle can be emotionally draining and legally complex, making it essential to prepa...
If My Child Lives With Me, Do I Have Custody?
Just because your child lives with you does not automatically mean you have legal custody. Custody involves legal rights and responsibilities that the court determines. In some cases, they can be agreed upon formally between parents. Living with your child is an important aspect of custody. However, it's just one part of the broader legal […]...
Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Parents
Kevin Jensen - June 3, 2024 - Family Law
As a parent, you have specific rights and responsibilities under the law. This impacts your relationship with your children. For example, some parents share legal custody; in other cases, one parent might have sole legal custody. You must protect and defend your rights to do what is best for your children. At Genesis Family Law […]...
The Impact of Divorce on Children and How to Mitigate Negative Effects
Kevin Jensen - June 2, 2024 - Divorce
Divorce is a challenging process for everyone involved, but it can be especially tough on children. When parents decide to separate, the entire family changes significantly. This impacts the emotional and social dynamics of the household. Children, particularly younger children, may struggle to understand why their parents are no longer together. This...
Why Does Alimony Exist?
Alimony exists to provide financial support to a spouse after a divorce, ensuring that both parties can maintain a standard of living close to what they were used to during the marriage. It recognizes that one partner may have sacrificed their career for marriage or raising children. This financial aid helps prevent financial disparity and […]...
Collecting Evidence for an Arizona Custody Case
Kevin Jensen - January 23, 2024 - Child Custody
When you're in the middle of a custody battle in Arizona, gathering the right evidence is crucial. This evidence can make or break your case, showing the court why you're the best choice for your child's primary caregiver. The process can be overwhelming, but knowing what to collect makes a huge difference. It's not just […]...
Arizona Child Custody Factors
Kevin Jensen - January 21, 2024 - Child Custody
Understanding child custody in Arizona is crucial for parents going through a divorce or separation. It's about deciding who will take care of the children and how. In Arizona, the law focuses on the best interests of the child. This means the court looks at many factors to decide what's best for the child's health, […]...
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