Category: Spousal Support

Category: Spousal Support
Why Does Alimony Exist?
Kevin Jensen - June 1, 2024 - Spousal Support
Alimony exists to provide financial support to a spouse after a divorce, ensuring that both parties can maintain a standard of living close to what they were used to during the marriage. It recognizes that one partner may have sacrificed their career for marriage or raising children. This financial aid helps prevent financial disparity and […]...
Am I Entitled to Spousal Support in Arizona (Alimony)
James Hansen - February 5, 2022 - AZ Attorney, Spousal Support
Am I Entitled to Spousal Support in Arizona? As a divorce attorney in Mesa AZ, an issue that frequently arises in an Arizona divorce case is whether one spouse is entitled to spousal maintenance (sometimes called Alimony) in Arizona. For many people, (in most cases the wife), divorce is not only an emotionally draining time period […]...
Arizona Family Law Presumptions
Arizona Family Law Presumptions A presumption can be defined as a legal conclusion that is possible to be refuted when there is evidence. In simple terms, it could be termed as the presumption of the best possible outcome of a legal case. It is possible for the divorcing couple to come to an amicable agreement […]...
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