Arizona Attorney Karl Webster

Attorney Karl Webster

Associate Attorney
I’ve been through many trials and tribulations in my career — but from those experiences, I have learned many things that helped me get to where I am today.

I was born and raised in Arizona and received a degree in mechanical engineering at Arizona State University. There weren’t many mechanical engineering jobs then, so I got into financial planning — which mainly involved retirement planning, insurance, and things of that sort — for about 10–12 years. Eventually, the market began to change, and our primary niche disappeared due to market conditions.
Although my business was doing okay at the time, I met with my dad’s cousin — who was in the real estate appraisal business — because I was interested in adding a real estate appraisal license to my skill set.
My business was going through some transitions then, so it was good timing! Once I was licensed, a partner wanted to start a mortgage brokerage in our office. I was able to tap into my relationships and connections to the mortgage industry. I was doing about 75 appraisals a month, but following the big market crash in 2007, I did only 12 appraisals during all of 2008.

So, in 2008, a partner and I started a loan modification company. From July 2008 to February 2009, we quickly grew to about 120 employees and 1,500 sales agents in 30 states! But I found out my partner was charged with 23 counts of felony fraud from an unrelated prior business of his. Although unrelated to me or our business, this had a devastating effect. The stress of dealing with the fallout was taking its toll.

Eventually, I found myself moving back to Snowflake with my wife of 31 years, where I managed a small business and provided small business consulting services. Despite the obstacles and challenges I faced, I decided to go back to law school. I had gained enough experience to realize there was a need in the field of law. I saw a way to utilize my business experience to protect, grow and stay within the law to help people.

I had a full-tuition scholarship to Arizona Summit Law School in Phoenix, and honestly, I thought family law would be my last choice. Ironically, I received a CALI award for the top grade in my family law class. So, it had always been something in the back of my mind, but I had a fantastic opportunity and thought I could use all of my experiences to help those in need. I’ve had my fair share of seeing family problems and issues in my life and community, so I jumped at the chance and have been doing it since!

I found Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers through my connections, and the practice is amazing. I’ve been impressed with the organization, professionalism, and incredible staff. Everyone is so knowledgeable, and I’ve had the most extraordinary experience being here so far.

When I’m not busy in the office, you can typically find me reading, writing, playing the piano, or doing woodwork! I also love being outdoors. My family and I go camping frequently, and we have a huge family reunion with 150 people and camp for an entire week! We do a lot of hiking, and I love fishing with my boys.

I have three sons and a daughter who are married with kids, and we have eight grandkids, including two that one of my sons is fostering — we’re hoping to adopt them into the family soon. We also have another grandchild coming next year, so we’ll have nine by then!

Through my life experience, I learned that everyone has problems and things in their lives they may not necessarily expect to go through. But if we can overcome these obstacles we often find ourselves better off for the experience.

There is nothing more rewarding as a family law attorney than to see how our clients navigate these troubling times and how they can move forward. Nothing is more important than having family relationships, and it pulls my heartstrings when our clients have difficulties. It makes me want to jump in and do whatever I can to help and get them to a better place.

It takes an incredible team to provide these services, and everyone here at Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers proves that daily.

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