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Order of Protection Lawyers in Mesa AZ

Order of Protection Lawyer in Mesa AZ

Sometimes a marriage may not result in a healthy relationship, happiness, and joy. The domestic situation may worsen to domestic abuse and violence. Fortunately, legal aid and help from an expert and knowledgeable lawyer and legal firm can help you escape or prevent domestic abuse and live a happy life. The “orders of protection” can be issued by the court of law to ensure that the parties remain within their legal boundaries, do not abuse, or hurt each other, and disputes are resolved to the satisfaction of everybody involved. Specifically, a court-issued “order of protection” will require that a person does (or refrains from doing) certain acts/things in case a crime occurs.

What is an Order of Protection?

There can be various kinds of conflicts in a household, due to which multiple domestic abuse and violence situations may occur. The court of law may have to decide on the kind of help and legal protection/support a spouse (husband or wife) or a family member needs. The orders of protection can be broadly classified into types as described in the brief below.

  1. Full Orders/” Stay Away” Orders: A court of law may decide that the parties involved in the dispute (for instance the husband and wife) stay away from each other. They are also required not to contact each other through mediation or with the help of a third party.
  2. Limited Orders/” Refrain-From” Orders: following this court order, the parties of the case are allowed to contact each other directly or through the help of third parties but cannot indulge in acts (such as stalking, assault, and harassment among others) having a criminal intent and nature.

Mesa AZ Order of Protection Attorneys

You need to know how to identify a case of domestic violence so that you can seek professional help for it at the right time.

Domestic Abuse Attorney in Mesa AZ

Domestic abuse may involve yelling, calling, harassment, intimidation, denial of personal liberty, checking phone call records and numbers, controlling behavior, throwing food or objects, denying the victim contact the friends or family members, and/or taking any such actions that may be a cause of emotional distress to the victim and plaintiff (for instance deprivation of sleep and rationing of food).

Domestic Violence Attorney in Mesa AZ

Domestic violence or family violence occurs when any of the household/family members force you to indulge in any sexual activity, threaten/harms you physically, or cause the fear of such things happening to you. Legally a household or a family member not only includes a spouse but also other people. They may include someone who is your relative, with whom you have a very intimate relationship, or a person you are/were dating. A court of law can issue orders of protection against the household/family members. However, the order of protection is not issued against someone who is not a household/family member when there is no stalking/sexual offense. Orders of protection are also not issued in general cases and disputes. There are other kinds of legal protections and remedies available in such cases.

How to File for an Order of Protection

The petition and case for an order of protection are filed in the court where the aggrieved party/victim specifies that it needs an order of protection. Subsequently, certain legal forms need to be filled in. These forms are available easily at the “Office of the Public Prosecutor” and with the county clerk. We at the reputed Jensen Family Law legal services firm have access to all such forms and have thorough knowledge in experience in handling the procedures to offer you the best assistance at every step and stage of your legal case. The forms are also available online.

Order of Protection Lawyers in Mesa Arizona

The aggrieved party/plaintiff and someone who has suffered from domestic abuse and violence can seek and obtain an “order of protection” immediately. Apart from obtaining an order of protection from the court of law for yourself, you can also obtain it for the elderly, minors, and/or a person with a disability who cannot seek the order themselves. Legal Ordering can be the best safety tool and insurance for anybody who suffers from domestic abuse and/or violence. The order is also called a “restraining order”. The judge and the court of law will restrict the abuser and the defendant from carrying out certain acts and/or refrain from doing some. Following the order of protection, the abuser may be required to:

  • Stop doing any abusive acts.
  • Stay away from anybody who is protected by the order of protection.
  • Refrain from contacting the plaintiff/victim via email, land mail, telephone calls, notes, or even third parties.
  • Refrain from visiting the school, home, or workplace of the victim.
  • Attend and undergo counseling sessions (including psychological counseling).
  • Provide monetary support for childcare.
  • Leave the home that they share with the plaintiff or victim.
  • Live/stay away from the property.
  • Pay monetary compensation and money for any damage caused to the property by themselves.

The judge may evaluate the case and the situation and may also take other steps. For instance, the court may require that parental responsibilities be changed if one of the parents of a minor is an abuser. The abuser and the defendant may also be required not to investigate the phone records of the plaintiff and victim.

These restraining orders and the implications of an order of protection can be temporary. The judge may review the situation later to introduce new rulings.

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We at Jensen Family Law have tremendous experience in cases of family law, divorce, abuse, and violence. An experienced Order of Protection lawyer in Mesa AZ from our team can present your case to the court and the judge in the best way and nullify and render useless the arguments of the abuser. Our expertise, resources, and connections can help produce the best outcome for your case. We have handled thousands of cases of family abuse and violence. Our experience helps us gather the best evidence and alibi that can support your case and bring to you justice and legal aid. We can also save you from unnecessary stress including mental and financial stress. You can depend on us to handle your legal case from the point you place us a call to its very conclusion in your favor.

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