Newsletter | April 2022

By: James HansenMarch 9, 2022 -

The Law Offices of Kevin Jensen

Fun Parenting: Seeing Siblings Grow Close

When our family first moved into our current home, we had a room that didn’t have a lot of furniture in it. And our four boys saw an opportunity ...


You May Be Responsible for Ex’s Student Loans. Here’s Why

One of the most hotly contested issues during a divorce is student loans. As a “community property” state, Arizona deems that anything acquired during a marriage is considered equal property between both parties. So, in the event of a divorce without a prenuptial agreement that says otherwise, both parties can be on the hook for debts accrued during a marriage  ...


The Ketchup Pill Craze

If you have a belly ache, one of the last things you’re likely to reach for is the ketchup bottle. But did you know that ketchup was once utilized as a cure for indigestion ...


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