Newsletter | August 2022

By: Kevin JensenAugust 2, 2022 -




How I Found a Home at the Law Offices of Kevin Jensen

I have always known that I wanted to go to law school and become an attorney from a very early age. Being born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I didn’t necessarily see the most positive interactions, so initially, I wanted to go to law school to defend juveniles that were brought into the system. But life tends to surprise us, and I fell into family law instead ...


What to Do With Leftover Egg Whites

Has a recipe ever called for just the egg yolks and you're left wondering what to do with the remaining egg whites? Some recipes require just the yolk of an egg for their emulsifying properties and fat content to provide a smooth, velvety texture and a rich taste  ...


Siri, What’s the Prettiest U.S. Restaurant?

When you go to a nice restaurant, you’re not just paying for food — you’re also paying for an experience. Decor might be the last thing on a guest’s mind, but with the right design, some restaurants are absolutely breathtaking. Here are a few of our favorites ...


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