Newsletter | Feb 2022

By: James HansenFebruary 13, 2022 -

The Law Offices of Kevin Jensen

Our Story of How Organ Donation Can Save Lives

In 2006, my dad and I were rushing my mom, Sherry Denham, out of the hospital. She had been admitted for a festering diagnosis of hepatitis C — something her doctors had only discovered after a breast cancer diagnosis — and she wasn’t recovering. My dad and I knew there had to be better options for Mom, so we rushed her from one hospital to Mayo Clinic. There, Mom prepared to die, saying her goodbyes to each ...


3 TV Shows That Get Divorce Right

We often look to TV, movies, and entertainment as an escape from everyday life, but there is an emotional catharsis that can come from a piece of media that just “gets it.” Divorce portrayal can often be overly dramatic, creating a caricature of sorts of the reality of divorcing  ...


3 Fridge Hacks

We all have our favorite ways to organize, but there may be one thing you’re organizing completely incorrectly: your refrigerator. It’s not just about aesthetics! A properly organized fridge can prevent food from spoiling, help you find items faster, and allow you to store more. Try these tips for fridge success ...


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