Newsletter | March 2022

By: James HansenMarch 3, 2022 -




Meet Our Newest Team Member, Meridith Lord!

When it comes to my law career, I have a different path than most.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in 1999, I passed the necessary exam for law school and was admitted, but despite my lifelong inkling that I was meant for a legal career, I chose to pursue my master’s degree in education. I know — it’s a little different than being a lawyer! But I was working in a school at the time that would pay ...


Build a Strong Relationship With Your Child’s Stepparent

When your ex is dating again, it’s natural to have mixed emotions. The biggest among these may be concern over your child’s safety with someone you do not know. However, once you confirm they are a kind, safe person, your fears shouldn’t stop you from creating a lasting partnership with your child’s stepparent  ...


Packing Tips to Save Your Back, Wallet, and Sanity

Many people are considering traveling this spring for the first time since the pandemic started. A lot has changed since 2020, but packing for vacation remains a hassle, and baggage fees haven’t gone anywhere. Here are some essential tips to keep your load as light as possible — physically and mentally ...


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