Newsletter | May 2022

By: James HansenMay 13, 2022 -

The Law Offices of Kevin Jensen

Alyssa’s Legal Calling

My introduction to a legal career was a total fluke, and in following this journey, I have had many titles in the legal sector.

I started as a scanning clerk in the superior court in Mohave County, Arizona, 17 years ago, and I eventually worked my way up to a court clerk. I then made the move to become a legal secretary for a private firm, but something started to click ...


How Do I Reward My Fitness Habits?

People often talk about why we need to exercise more and eat right. But how do you reward yourself for the new habits you embrace? If you aren't rewarding yourself, then you may find it challenging to stick to your plans  ...


Hate Souvenir Shopping? Let’s Make It Easy

A way to preserve or share a piece of your trip is to bring home a souvenir, but choosing a souvenir isn’t always a stress-free experience. How do you pick the perfect souvenir and not just the first thing you see in a tourist shop? Here are some tips for picking a truly meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones ...


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