Arizona Attorney Pamela Allen

Attorney Pamella Allen

Associate Attorney
I come from what you would call a “broken home.” My parents divorced before I was 2, which meant I grew up experiencing first-hand what I now know as “family law.”

My parents lived in different states and from as early as I can remember, I boarded a plane every summer to see my Dad. I watched my Mom struggle to make it as a single mother, battling for child support before there were state guidelines. My parents did not do well at co-parenting, which I often felt the brunt of. As an adult, I gained the maturity to see things through each of my parent’s eyes, and I came to understand why things were so messy for them:

At the heart of it, all was their love for me.
Before entering law school, my heart was calling me to family law. I wanted to be someone my clients could come to, confide in, and know had their back.

Often in contested family law matters, the person you trusted the most has become your adversary. That can feel very lonely. I strive to make my clients feel safe, heard, and supported throughout their cases. My hope is that all parents can learn to co-parent together because it truly is what’s best for the children.

Pam is an active-duty military spouse, and she specializes in military divorces.

Background & Accolades

Virginia- April 2012
U.S. District of Virginia- April 2012
Arizona- December 2016
U.S. District of Arizona- January 2017
Florida Coastal School of Law
Jacksonville, FL
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA
B.A.- 2006

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