The Effects of Social Media on Your Child Custody Case

How Social Media Can Impact Your Child Custody Case

Social media has become a powerful tool for networking, entertainment, marketing, and earning income. However, it has its downsides, especially when embroiled in legal matters. A leading Scottsdale child custody attorney revealed that social media could negatively impact the outcome of cases. A recent study also revealed that as many as 1 in 5 divorces involve Facebook.

While divorces are tricky to enter, the attending problems cannot be understated. Divorcing couples often tussle over many things, from assets and debts to the children and custody arrangements. Social media can play a significant role in the outcome of such tussles, especially if one or both partners are strong social media users.

This article analyzes the effect of social media on divorce and child custody cases. It also guides parents on the type of social media posts to avoid when engaged in a child custody battle.  

How social media affects your child custody case

Most top family lawyers recommend avoiding social media during a divorce or child custody case. This is essential to protect the client from making posts that can ultimately jeopardize their chances of winning the legal tussle.

While some parents can stay away from social media during the process, others cannot. Parents unable to stay away from social media should not rely on privacy settings to do the job. Instead, they can focus on curating their posts and action on social media.

Types of social media posts to avoid during a child custody case

Here are some posts to avoid making if you cannot stay away from social media during the child custody case.

Online vents or rants about your case

Most people cannot bottle their feelings and would rather share them with others to relieve their burden. This isn’t always the best thing to do when fighting for the custody of your child or children. There’s a chance that you may let slip some sensitive information that could be used against you in court during the ruling.

It is always advisable to stay away from ranting or venting about the matter online.

Drug use, drinking, and wild partying

Most parents tend to misuse their newfound freedom by partying wildly, taking excessive alcohol, and using drugs. This behavior can endanger your chances of winning your child custody case, especially as it could be deemed irresponsible and unfit for raising impressionable children.

If you must do any of these, it is best not to have evidence by taking pictures and videos for social media. Most judges are unlikely to gloss over such irresponsible acts.

Inaccurate account/impression of finances

Child custody cases often rely heavily on income and the ability to care for the children in your custody. Misrepresenting your income online, whether by inflating or deflating your income or worth, can negatively affect your chances in a child custody battle.

If you’re fighting for custody, inflating your income may misrepresent your worth and ability to care for the child or children. It may also reduce the potential amount awarded in child support. On the other hand, deflating your income may show you as incapable of supporting your child or children, thus further affecting the case’s outcome.

You are better off staying away from social media or avoiding the topic altogether until a decision has been reached on the matter.

Online dating

Most parents cannot wait to get out there and start dating again. However, this can be a major problem for your child custody battle and wishes. Dating someone new before your divorce is finalized or the child custody case is decided can signal a hostile environment for the children.

To be on the safe side, you should avoid stating that you are single if you must make a dating profile before your divorce is finalized. Misrepresenting your marital status can further impact your case and its outcome.

Your child’s social media usage

Your online presence is just as important as your child’s. Understandably, parents may make certain compromises to earn their child or children’s favor during the custody battle. However, you should always be careful of how long your child uses the internet and what they are using it for.

Unsupervised internet use can expose your kids to harmful content. Furthermore, your kid may post detailed or compromising information about the situation, your finances, the other parent, or the situation in general. This information may play a role in the case and its outcome.

Important things to remember about social media use

Parents and partners are advised to avoid social media during their divorce, child custody, and related matters. However, those who can’t stay away, whether for personal or business reasons, should note the following rules of engagement.

Seeking legal help in a child custody case

Divorce and child custody cases are not universal. In fact, each case is unique to clients and the facts of it. It is important for divorcing couples to seek legal attention, advice, and representation during the process to ensure accurate representation and agreements.

If you haven’t already spoken to a family or divorce lawyer, it is best you seek out a top-rated lawyer in your community. Most divorce and child custody lawyers offer initial consultation services. Use the opportunity to know the attorney and gauge their competence before hiring one to represent you.

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