Child Custody Case Simplified: Understanding Your Family Law Attorney's Role

Navigating the Complexities of Child Custody Cases: What to Expect from Your Family Law Attorney

Child custody cases are never easy and involve a lot of draining emotions. The issue of the children’s best interests is essential, though often contentious. While protecting these interests, a parent who fails to assert their parental rights may jeopardize or lose their parental role. The high stakes involving child custody cases demand that you employ a competent Scottsdale child custody attorney to help safeguard your parental rights. 

But how will your family law attorney help you? Let’s find out.

Experience in Family Law

Family law involves legal matters touching on the family, which is an emotional and sensitive practice field. A lawyer with experience in family law has an in-depth understanding of family law legal proceedings. The attorney should also have ample expertise to represent you in court and must have up-to-date knowledge of judicial changes affecting family law. 

This knowledge of judicial changes allows them to maintain appropriate procedural standards and not get caught flat-footed. With the emotional nature of custody cases, you need a professional lawyer with enough finesse and level-headedness to advise you throughout the process. 

Your attorney should have the expertise to help you navigate emotions and stop you from making rash and emotional decisions. The attorney should also give unbiased advice to help you broaden your perspective on the case. This advice helps you to make level-headed compromises that reduce tension between you and your partner.

Proper Jurisdiction

Laws that govern custody cases differ in each state. It would be best if you got a lawyer who practices in your jurisdiction and understands the laws to which your custody case applies. A family lawyer with years of experience in your area understands the local court procedures. 

But what happens if your co-parent lives in a different state?  In such a situation, your lawyer will use the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) states that when a state exercises jurisdiction and enters a custody order, all states must give this order full credit and faith. This means that you need a lawyer to get you a hearing in court to modify visitation, custody, and child support.


Dealing with custody cases is sensitive. Hire an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. You need a family attorney who is forthright on the case procedure and will speak on your behalf with a proper approach. Use the initial consultation to lay out your expectations. 

Examine the lawyer’s demeanor and responsiveness to your case and decide if you are comfortable with them. Be clear on the type of communication you need and the regularity of updates, and highlight the communication medium (email or phone). Ensure you can speak directly to the lawyer, not a third party when needed.

Legal Fees

The family lawyer you choose should be clear on what they charge as legal fees. Expect full disclosure and no ambiguity in the process and any costs thereof. Your family lawyer should tailor their fees to fit your budget.

Active Listening

Family law attorneys ask their clients open-ended questions. These questions help them determine strategies for your defense, especially in child custody battles. The more the lawyer understands you and your situation, the better they can represent you. This, in turn, makes your lawyer an active listener, as they want to record everything you say.

Recommendations and Legal Strategies

Your child custody lawyer makes recommendations based on your disclosed details. For instance, if the lawyer thinks you are very busy, they may recommend getting a family member or nanny to help or going for joint custody, which will improve your chances of winning. Your lawyer is there to help you build a case and guide you on options that will work for all involved parties.

A family court prioritizes the child’s best interests in custody cases. Your custody lawyer should draw a custody petition with evidence proving your custody request aligns with the child’s best interest standard. Evidence could include:

Helps You Protect Your Parental Rights

Having a family law attorney makes it difficult for the other party to box you into a corner and agree to things you would usually never agree to. Your attorney appears in the case file, and you do not have to miss future court date notices or other custody-related deadlines. You can protect your parental rights by never missing any custody-related deadlines.

Helps You Understand the Custody Process and What to Expect

Child custody cases can become very complex. They involve lengthy processes, intricate processes, and tons of paperwork. Your attorney should know the Family Court requirements and rules and how to follow the Rules of Civil Procedure to avoid hurting your custody case. 

Therefore ensure you get an experienced attorney who understands the process and tells you what to expect when the court makes a ruling. The lawyer's experience and advice will enable you to make better decisions for yourself and your children while maintaining your rights. 

Pursue Modification of Child Custody Order

Only a court can change an order in a child custody case. However, the law does allow alterations to be made depending on several reasons. One reason includes two parents agreeing to a change. However, they must go to court to enforce the change. Your family lawyer can help write a petition following the law and pursue it in court to have it altered.

Advise You on Multiple Issues

Your lawyer should have the expertise to advise you on various issues that crop up during the custody case, such as

Child custody cases are delicate, and they require careful and discreet handling. These cases always look to the child’s best interest, which may not always be the best. Your family law attorney should have multiple skills, such as communication and listening skills, patience, tact, and restraint. 

Therefore, ensure you research before settling on a family law attorney. Ask for referrals and check their years of experience, reviews, and track record online before you engage them. If you still don't know where to find a family law attorney, you can always contact Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers in Scottsdale AZ. We have over 20 years of providing family-related legal services. For more information on the services we offer, you can check out

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