Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

An Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer deals with an area of law that is not only complex on both a state and federal level but is also constantly changing.  The appellate courts are always hearing criminal appeals out of lower courts, and as such are always interpreting the law in different ways based on new issues and new facts presented to them by the lawyers.   The laws vary from state to state, and although the underlying principles may be the same, the legislatures for each state create its own definitions and punishments for criminal offenses.

The vast majority of crimes are local or state crimes, as opposed to federal offenses. In Arizona and other states that have significant areas of land set aside for Tribal Reservations, there is an additional court for certain crimes that occur on tribal land.  Those courts follow yet another set of rules that are often quite different from the rules and definitions laid out by the legislature.  The reason there is a separate tribal court is that by definition the Tribal Communities are sovereign nations and as such, do not necessarily have to follow all the rules by which non-tribal courts are bound.

Because of all the nuances of criminal law, including the constantly changing laws, the differences between jurisdiction, and the varying penalties associated with different crimes, it is very difficult if not impossible for the average person to have an adequate understanding of criminal law or even the criminal justice process to represent himself in court.  Many a person who has tried to do so has failed and unfortunately suffered the consequences of his ignorance.

Just because a person is not an attorney does not mean that the court will be more lenient.  In fact, a person choosing to represent himself in court is held to the exact same standards that a criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing for years is held to, and a failure to understand the law will not constitute an adequate defense to avoid being found guilty.  The long-term consequences of a criminal conviction, even a minor one, can be extremely detrimental, and it truly takes a competent criminal defense attorney to investigate all your options and ensure that your rights are protected. This is why it is of the utmost importance to have a Mesa criminal defense lawyer that is knowledgeable about the criminal defense argues on your behalf.

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