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High Conflict Divorce Lawyers in Chandler AZ

Divorce litigations can impact your physical, mental, and financial health. These litigations can be scary for you and your children, especially when you both follow different approaches. When you have different views, it might result in a high conflict divorce. Ultimately, it will end in an expensive legal battle, and the worst part is that no one will win. However, you can consult high conflict divorce lawyers in Chandler AZ, and make your legal journey less stressful.

High conflict divorces affect the divorcing couple, their children, and people close to them. When you feel your divorce is a high conflict divorce, reach out to our legal experts before planning the next step. You do not know the laws and might create difficulties by taking the wrong steps while filing your divorce. High conflict divorce attorneys in Chandler AZ will guide you throughout, and you will not feel alone in this exhausting and financially draining struggle. Experienced attorneys will provide aggressive representations in spouse-war situations.

High Conflict Divorce Lawyers in Chandler AZ

Spouses considering a high conflict divorce often fight over everything. They need a reason to argue and show their resentment. Also, they can take legal help and accuse their partners of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and domestic violence. Here are the common areas for conflict between high conflict divorce spouses.

  • Finance: Both partners might want to bring stability to their financial health after a divorce. They will not agree on a logical settlement and might keep fighting to get the decision in their favor. They might argue their partners spend more and cause a financial burden. In brief, it might not be possible to convince both to reach a financial settlement in high-conflict divorces. Both will have their points, but we will try to settle and finalize it for their benefit. Our objective is to protect your and your kids' interest.
  • Children: Children will suffer the most in a divorce and might experience more problems in a high-conflict divorce. Both parents will support different parenting styles and try to dominate each other. We will work with you to find a solution suitable for parents and children.
  • Relationship: New relationship in a marriage leads to high-conflict divorce. Parents will show more concern when there is a new person in the life of their spouses and might want custody of their children.
  • Possessions: Apart from all these, the assets can cause problems in a high-conflict divorce. Partners might fight on the procession of the house, vehicles, or similar properties. Some might not share the documents and delay the process.

High conflict divorces will not be smooth since both parties might seek revenge. In most cases, they do not bother about expenses and the lengthy process. The legal battle might involve frequent court actions and third-party investigations.

Implications of High Conflict Divorces in Chandler AZ

High conflict divorces are different since spouses might refuse to cooperate. In that condition, you might need to go through a lengthy legal battle, and the journey will drain you mentally and financially without the help of a divorce lawyer in Chandler AZ. High conflict divorces consist of parties refusing to support the divorce process. The legal battle will involve toxic behaviors, and each will blame another to prove the point. Here are some such behaviors that a high-conflict spouse might experience during the legal battle.

  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Hiding assets
  • Financial threats
  • Parental hostility
  • Emotional and physical abuse

High conflict divorces will last longer since the non-cooperative party will not compromise during the proceeding. Some can take all the measures to stop the judicial process. The toxicity in these divorces makes it impossible for many to settle the matter without high-conflict divorce lawyers in Chandler AZ.

How to Deal with a High-Conflict Spouse

You might not find it easy to deal with a high-conflict spouse. You might try your best to resolve the issue, but it might not work in most cases. You cannot change an irrational person and might waste your time if you want to do so. Accept your condition and find ways for improvement. Instead of trying hard to save your marriage, know how to protect your interest and benefit your children.

Acknowledge your emotion, grieve, and move on. A toxic spouse can harm you in many ways since the person will keep trying to find fault with you. You do not need to negotiate and make compromises throughout your life. You cannot change the mind of your spouse with arguments. However, each attempt will make you emotionally vulnerable. Hence, get the help of high conflict divorce lawyers in Chandler AZ, and share your concerns. Know your legal rights before planning the next step.

Since high-conflict partners are manipulative, they can play blame games and use dirty tricks to get the decision in their favor. You will have to be careful while dealing with them. They might record conversations and show them as evidence. Therefore, avoid receiving calls and exchanging texts when planning for a divorce.

High Conflict Divorce Attorney in Chandler AZ

As mentioned earlier, first, you can consult high conflict divorce attorneys in Chandler AZ, and then plan the next step. You can consider hiring Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers to make your legal battle less exhausting, less expensive, and less time-consuming. We have more than two decades of experience in high-conflict divorces. Hence, you can expect the best help in child support, child custody, high net worth, and property issues. Since high conflict divorce spouses may react in manipulative, unexpected, or violent ways, we can handle their behaviors with our experience and guide you through your turbulent time.

We will analyze your case and determine the actions accordingly to find the best possible solution for you and your family. We will plan specific settlements for the division of assets, child custody, and financial issues. Your high-conflict spouse cannot manipulate in our presence, and you can expect a fair decision.

Consult Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers attorneys if you want to get a divorce from your high-conflict spouse. We know how overwhelming and exhausting a high-conflict divorce can be. However, we will take all the legal actions to protect your interests and make the battle less stressful.

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