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DIvorce Lawyers Specializing in Narcissism in Scottsdale AZ

Divorce is not easy, even if both parties want to end the relationship. A divorce causes emotional, material, and legal challenges, and you might find the process more complex when you have kids. But there is no other way when your partner is a narcissist. You can talk to a divorce lawyer specializing in narcissism in Scottsdale AZ, and know how to make the transition smooth for both of you. Many do not realize they have a narcissistic spouse and keep trying to save the marriage. Go through the following if you have confusion, and get legal help to protect your interests.

Divorce Lawyer Specializing in Narcissism in Scottsdale AZ

Do you think your partner is selfish? Do you struggle hard to get emotional support? If yes, then there is a possibility that your life partner is a narcissist. Narcissists are selfish and self-driven people, and they cannot understand the emotion of others. They believe in self-love and cause stress for those living with them. Here are a few signs that indicate your partner is a narcissist.

  • Self-centric and focused
  • Requires attention all the time
  • Cannot understand the feeling of others
  • Wants others to admire them
  • Cannot maintain a relationship

All these are indications of having a narcissistic partner, and your life will be a series of adjustments if you do not take action. You do not need to struggle throughout your life and make compromises every day. Instead, come forward and talk to a divorce attorney specializing in narcissism. The legal professional will have experience in similar cases, and you can expect the best help during the proceeding.

Scottsdale AZ Divorce Attorney Specializing in Narcissism

Narcissists believe in self-love and do not realize their behavior can stress their partners and end the relationship. After knowing your divorce intention, your partner might want you to continue the relationship. However, you will have to go ahead since the behavior will not change, and you will have to struggle throughout your life.

Your partner might manipulate you and your kids to save the marriage. You can document everything and consult your attorney if you notice such behavior. The divorce lawyer specializing in narcissism in Scottsdale AZ can collect the evidence and use it in your favor during the proceedings.

Apart from all these, your partner can try to delay the divorce and refuse to cooperate. Narcissist spouses might request extensions and make it difficult to get the decision in your favor. However, you will have to stay strong and work with your attorney. We know how to handle such situations and ensure your spouse will not delay the process.

While divorcing a narcissistic partner, you will have to take more caution since your partner will argue and try all the possible ways to save the relationship. Narcissists will do their best since they know it is not easy for any to live with them. Hence, they will start playing blame games, and you might feel guilty and reconsider. But you will have to eliminate all these emotions and understand the intention. There is no point in looking back when you know the outcome.

You can say that narcissistic partners are always right and can do everything to justify their stand. They can play games and make an offer and withdraw it without a second thought. They will hide information and make false accusations and can try their best to draw attention, even from the police.

Since narcissists lack empathy, they might not respect and understand your feeling. You cannot rely on them for your safety, and they might not protect the interest of your kids as well. Hence, talk to your attorney to know the intention of your partner. You will have to stay strong and calm until the end. Whenever there is any doubt or stress, talk to your attorney. No one other than your attorney can offer you the best help in this regard.

Divorce Attorney Specializing in Narcissism in Scottsdale AZ

You can make it possible by hiring a divorce attorney specializing in narcissism. We have experience in handling more than hundreds of divorce cases. We will develop a different strategy if your spouse is a narcissist. Your attorney will guide you throughout to make the process stress-free.

You will have to pay more attention to your safety since a narcissistic partner can cause trouble. Document everything and share it with your attorney. You can document all the aggressive behaviors or similar things to show them during proceedings. Also, talk to witnesses and convince them to record their statements. Know the goals and steps you need to go through to get a divorce from a narcissistic partner. The process might be complex and expensive when your spouse is not cooperative. However, we will be there with you in your legal battle and present your case in the best manner.

Narcissistic Spouse? We Can Help

When divorcing a narcissist, first, you can consult a divorce lawyer specializing in narcissism in Scottsdale AZ. Our Scottsdale AZ divorce lawyers at Genesis Family Law and Divorce Lawyers have experience in this kind of high-stress case and can help those dealing with a narcissistic partner. We have more than two decades of experience, and we know how to collect evidence and nullify the arguments of another party. Since our attorneys have gone through similar conditions, we can understand the situations you will go through during the proceeding. Hence, we will prepare your case with evidence and save you from unnecessary expenses and stress.

Mediation and negotiations will not be possible when dealing with narcissistic partners. Hence, we will plan for a litigated divorce from the beginning. However, negotiations lead to more amicable, affordable, and faster solutions. We can consider this option only when both parties want to avoid the lengthy and costly legal process. Also, your partner might try to hide finances from the court. But we will deal with all these and protect your interest in the best possible manner. We develop a plan based on your unique condition and follow it until we have not helped you to end your stressful married life.

Our team of family law attorneys and divorce attorneys look forward to helping you when you need it most. With over two decades of aggressive divorce, child custody, child support, and divorce mediation representation we will not allow you to be taken advantage of. We believe in making a difference in the lives of our clients and their children.

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